Thursday, January 05, 2006

My Nature Studies.

I wanted to share these with you guys....a few of my nature study paintings. I don't always have time to sketch/paint along with the kids--too busy helping them. But I try to do them every so often, so they can benefit from the demo. Sorry the image quality is so poor. Also, these are generally done outside, sitting on the ground, with a dozen chatty children all 'round, so they aren't my BEST WORK EVER. :)

Oooh! I tried to nature journal with my students, too, and it was really hard to do while supervising and answering questions and... so I'm impressed!
Thanks, Kristen! Yeah,it's hard, because it's important that they see my example sometimes, but also equally important that I crowd control/redirect/make suggestions....sounds like you know all about this. :)
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