Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Madonna and Child: An eight-year-old's perspective.

When a child is writing a narration at our school, they aren't graded for spelling, puctuation, etc. The child's only job is to "tell back" what he knows. I thought you might enjoy one of my student's narrations on Giotto's painting. Remember the description is from memory--the students had one picture study, then one brief review the week before.

Q. Describe Giotto's Madonna and Child in detail. Be sure to include information about the artist.

A. In Madonna and Child there is madonna and madona is holding a child. The child is a baby. I have always thought that madonna was mary and the child was jesus. Well madona is holding a rose far away from the child so that the child will not get hert. They both have halos that are very deceritive. Madona's robe was a sort of green or bluish robe. and the child is wearing a sort of rags. The rags the child is wearing sort of are an off whit color. Now about the panter. Geotto liked to paint frescose. But wait I forgot one thing. madona and child was covered in a thin layer of gold. Now, when giato was a boy he was a sheperd. he loved to draw on rocks with chalk. But sometimes he would get so into writing and drawing and his father would get mad. one time he drew a picture of a sheep. a little sheep that had lost his mom thought that it was his mommy! drawing that, he would forget the watch the shep. when he did that he would always come in with the sheep a little to late, or he would loose a sheep wile he was.....so now gioto is a famus artist.

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