Friday, December 16, 2005

Why didn't you tell me????

Wedding Girl, did you know you WON second place in a photoblog contest!!!?? I just accidentally found it while looking for your photoblog on google (to link to it here.)

Friends, go to

Congratulations, girl!!!!

You lend this blog such credibility.

WeddingGirl what a beautiful picture...I love it that you girls are blogging together.
Thanks, y'all!! I was pretty excited about the contest, but I didn't really tell anyone because I felt kind of silly.

Sorry my entries have been few and sporadic, but I'm visiting my family in Texas and I have limited access to the internet.
i notice you said "ya'll."

i know why--'cause you're in texas!!
oh, and no pressure, girl. But we do enjoy your posts when you can post them.
Yup! And I'm getting a straw cowboy hat for Christmas. I'm feelin' some Texas pride these days...Yee Haw!!!
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