Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Julie puts us on the spot.

Lately in faculty meeting, Julie has been handing out short articles about various philosophy-related issues--one article about "ideas," and articles about Charlotte Mason concepts like "Education is a life," "Education is an Atmosphere," and "Education is a Discipline." She has one of us read a paragraph or two aloud, then asks someone else to narrate (or tell back in our own words) what we've just read.....This is terrifying for lots of us with poor auditory processing skills! Anyway, it's what we do for about an hour: read paragraphs aloud, narrate aloud, discussing what we don't understand along the way. This process has helped all of us:

1. Have more empathy for our students who narrate history, Bible, literature, and picture studies in front of the class!
2. Understand more deeply what we are reading by processing and "telling back" in our own words. Which is the point of narration, of course. :)

See www.amblesideonline.com for more info about narrations.

Jana, I believe you would truly hate my job! A lot of what I do is talk to people on the phone and recap everyone's understanding and next steps at the end. This has become much easier for me through experience and as I am more specialized in my subject matter. When I first started, I'd sit in meetings with the client and just write my heart out in hopes that I wouldn't miss anything. Now I've found that I retain better if I listen carefully and take notes later. I don't seem to be able to do both effectively!
sweet lindsay, i think we established in about 9th grade that we are built very differently from one another!! :) (you'd probably be driven crazy by my job, too!!) i probably wouldn't just not LIKE your job, i'd probably be just awful at it.

we teachers always say that we wish we had grown up narrating, because we would be so much better at listening/processing now.
You're too right! I would be the worst teacher for kids! I love to teach, but I love to teach adults! Anything below 18 I think would drive me nutty. Don't get me wrong - I love kids. It's just the "lots of kids" and "all day" parts that scare me!

Thank You, Lord, for making people like Jana who will be loving teachers to the rest of our children!
Can I get an "Amen"? Amen!

I also do not know quite what to do with lots of little children around...I certainly am not built to teach them. Give me a bunch of college students anyday, but please don't ask me to teach little children. I'm afraid and they KNOW it...bad, bad situation.

So, again, yea! for Jana and other lovely ladies and gentlemen who love to teach the little children.
Thanks guys. Let me just say, there is no 'tired' like the tired you feel after a day with elementary-aged children. It's like a whole new world of fatigue. In my opinion. :) But I haven't had a baby yet. :)
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