Sunday, December 18, 2005


Does anybody out there know why the sidebar info. is way down on the page? The only thing I've done lately is add a blogroll and redo the links section. I can't figure it out. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks.

In my browser it is not way down on the side of the page. However, I do not know why it would be different for each of us. Wish I could help. =-}
you mean when you're looking at MY blog it doesn't show the sidebar far down on the page?

I think I ran into this with my template one time. It was mad at me for putting something too wide in the right-hand frame, since that width was pre-determined by the template writer. Did you add something that might be causing that?

(And Kellsey's on a Mac, so you never know WHAT she's going to see!)
ha. crazy macs. i wish i had one.

lindsay, i think you may be onto something. i'm going to edit the link titles and see if that helps.... thank you!!
Yes, yes, I do have a Mac (and I love LOVE my computer....yea, Dad! I would not have the pleasure of said computer were it not for the fact that my father is such a technophile. When you get my family all together on vacation, we look like a Mac laptop convention.)

Anyways, I'm using Safari (the web browser) to view your blog. When I look at it, the side bar is not far down the page.

However, it does look more scrunched than it used to look. So, I'll look again once you've edited the link titles and see if it makes a difference.
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