Monday, November 21, 2005

'Tis the Season...

For knitting!! I can't seem to want to pick up yarn and needles when it's hot outside, but as soon as the weather cools down I think about all the fun scarves I can knit and all the yarn possibilities!! If anyone is interested, I have a great "basketweave" pattern that is great for unisex scarves and baby blankets. With big needles and thick yarn it makes a great quick scarf.

Rox's Works-For-Everything Basketweave Stitch:

Multiple of 8 stitches
Rows 1,2,3, and 4 *K4, p4; rep from * to end
Rows 5,6,7 and 8 *P4, k4; rep from * to end
Repeat these 8 rows.

For baby blankets or scarves with a border stitch I just knit 4 at the beginning and end of each row, start the project with 4 to 8 knitted rows and end with 4 to 8 knitted rows.

Does that make any sense? I'm better at showing than explaining...

I'm interested!!!!!!!! (I'm assuming you are wanting to make stuff.) I am needing a baby blanket and possibly a hat for a certain baby next winter. :)
oh yay!! you showed me how and i forgot i definitely would like you to post it. thanks
also, could you recommend a really fine yarn for a baby=type blanket? like a cashmere type, except maybe not quite as expensive?
i'll keep an eye out for the yarn you described, jana. i've been using the Bernat baby yarns because they're super soft, but i'm not always happy with the color selection.
yeah, i would really like to make one in a cream or light khaki type color. i'm not very fond of the typical pastel colors. thanks!!! :)
You are the KNITTING MASTER Rox!
I haven't knitted in years, so I don't remember how, but I have been crocheting. Coincidentally, I'm doing a basketweave pattern blanket for The Baby in all white. I figured basketweave is classic and unisex and would go with whatever we end up picking for nursery decor.

Yea for yarn crafts!
linds--your blanket sound great.
yay yarn! three cheers for yarn!

rox, the scarf i started in san fran i just NOW finished. it's been so long since i finished anything that i can't remember how to cast off!! pretty sad. :)
oh, casting off is easy to forget. it happened to me at least 3 times when i was starting. Just knit two onto your right needle. Then, using your LEFT needle, reach over to your right needle and pull the 1st stitch over the second stitch. And so on until you get all the stitches to the right needle and then off. on the last stitch, cut your yarn and pull the free end through your last loop.
sarah, i'm glad to know that i'm not the only one. :) thanks for writing that out--it helped me remember what to do. how are you feeling???
I have only knitted one scarf completely, and have almost finished another. However, I cannot remember how to cast off either. I'm afraid I'll have to wait until my sister-in-law comes to visit and can show me in person. I've had the darndest time trying to translate written instructions (or even pictures) into what is really supposed to be done. I just need someone to sit with me and really show me. Yea for Mary (my very patient sis-in-law).

And yea for yarn! Aidan absolutely loves the blanket a different sis-in-law (morgan) crocheted for him. He thinks it is very fun to put his fingers through all the holes.
By the way, I can totally vouch for Wedding Girl's chops - my baby and i were curled up in a Wedding Girl original just this morning.

And yeah, most things I have to see rather than read myself. Also, upon reflection, I think the directions I wrote suck. Hope it helped :P
(and i'm feeling great. you know, F A T, but great) ;)
sarita--i finished my scarf b/c of your instructions. so they don't suck. i really knew how to cast off before i forgot, so i just needed a little memory prod. i was whipping out scarves like crazy last christmas. but that's all i've made so far---things like booties or hats intimidate me. :) glad you're feeling well, sarita.
ooooooo, a picture!!!!
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