Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Importance of Healthy Bowels

Today I was having trouble with a six-year-old student named J. He wasn't working on his color wheel after much encouragement. Finally I said, "J., why are you STILL not painting?" He started jumping up and down in a desperate sort of way. "The reason I'm not is....I really have to go to the bathroom!!" "J., then go! All you had to do was ask," I say.

A few minutes later he returns. "Wow, I feel a LOT better now." He looks up at me very seriously. "And you know, you really have to get that stuff out of there, because if you don't it can kill you."

toooooo funnny!!!!!

that's hilarious!!!

thanks for your sweet comment about our little gracen....
we are overjoyed and definitely rejoicing in the long-awaited blessing!
oh, wow. it's amazing how wise a 6yr old can be. =) did you die laughing or laugh later?
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