Thursday, October 27, 2005

....I Drowned in Charles.

Okay, I admit I have not worked up enough "desire for the sublime" to struggle through Williams right now....Instead, I'm re-reading Perelandra by C.S. Lewis. (Thank you, Kellsey.)

Here are a couple of examples of jacket art for Perelandra. I'm loving the crazy-fifties- Amazon-people image on the left....look at Ransom in his blue swimming briefs! (He's naked in the book.) My favorite is the image on the right. I'd love to have a copy with this particular cover.

Maybe I'll re-read it with you, Jana. It's been years since I read this trilogy.

My cover art is different still. I have this one .
Oooh! Oooh! I just checked it out from the library earlier this week to start reading. I want to get the 3 books for my littlest brother's birthday. He's a huge Tolkien fan and it just occured to me that he may like the C.S. Lewis space trilogy.

Love the cover art. I'll keep my eye out for some of those in the used book stores I frequent.
yay everybody!! how fun if we all read it.....i like it better than out of the silent planet, though i just love the trilogy as a whole. #2 and #3 are my faves.
When I was in college I actually did a painting in response to Perelandra. I would call it a portrait of the emotional tenor in the book and not necessarily of the actual land as described by C.S. Lewis. I love to paint with my fingers using acrylics and this was the painting I discovered that with. So, anyways, in my painting the sky is this deep red and the woman is sitting off to the side while Ransom is swimming through the water. It looks pretty violent, and my art professor didn't buy my explanation of how in the book they transcended sexuality and being naked was not about sex there. Oh, well. As you said, Jana, you win some, you lose some.

Anyways, I just felt like the tension in the book runs high and that the description of this world filled with soft pastels (like the yellow sky) just did not fit with what was happening in the emotional level of the book with Ransom becoming more and more exhausted and desperate to win against the un-man... It was really fun to try to paint in response to the emotional tenor of something instead of the physical descriptions. I found the process of painting that one felt like quite an emotional release for myself.

I have also done a pencil sketch of the scene where the unman has the lady all dressed up in the robe made of feathers. That was fun.
kellsey, i wish you could post those images online! i would love to see them....
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