Sunday, September 11, 2005

obssessing over colors

okay, we are back to chocolate type. i think it's hard to read against this peach color, don't you? i'm going to look for a darker brown/lighter peach combo.

hey dad, if you're reading this, hi!! rox's blog is

if anyone ELSE is interested, my best friend is a wedding photographer in boston, and the blog site above is where she puts fun, won't-make-the-album shots from various weddings she shoots. my favorite pictures are of the barfing baby, and of course, the shot of yours truly getting "bustled" at my own wedding! (it's in july archives, entitled "Untitled Bustling." you'll notice roxana has a serious "bustling theme" going on on her site. and again, let me plug her amazing photography site:

I enjoyed the outtakes blog! I just had to keep looking for the barfing baby!

I think bustling pictures are interesting because it's something the bride CAN'T do for herself. I think that's the only time in my life that my sister was on her knees doing something for me that I couldn't do for myself. I think it's kind of sweet!
i agree--i also think there's something so old-fashioned about even having a bustle!! it harkens back to earlier times.
thanks sweatpea, for the link to my site!! i have yet to encounter another barfing wedding baby, but when i do...we'll start a series!
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