Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Last California pic, I promise.

I remember when I first met Roxana. She was eighteen years old and was wearing blue doc marten boots. I thought she was so cool. And Liz was in my very first figure drawing class....yes, I did know the "unmarried" Liz for a very short time! I couldn't believe that anyone I knew was going to get MARRIED, since I was soooooo far from that then.

There is something especially grace-filled about old friends. Those who've seen you through various stages of maturity, good choices and poor choices, college days, crises of faith, engagement, marriage, children, death of a close loved one, miscarriage....and still they hang on! What comfort and "comfortableness" is found in dear old friends!

What a beautiful picture...everthing about, you girls and your friendship.
Oh! I got so excited (and kind of weepy) just now to see our faces on your blog!! *Sigh* Old friends are lovely...
Who's the nerd with the braces?!

Hey-I'm thinking about following in your girls footsteps and beginning a blog about our adoption of Mei. What do you think?
liz, i think that's a great idea. my friend leah has a blog where she sometimes talks about the adoption process she and her husband are going
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