Thursday, January 13, 2005

I was taught to knit by an....

eight year old at i am a mean knit-stitcher.....that's it, though. I think I may be too ADD to do much more than scarves, though. I'm a sucker for lovely yarns, though. It's funny, yarn has never been something I've thought much about--and now I salivate over it! I guess it all depends on experience and perspective. Like many things.

I reached an all-time low when I knit scarves for my chihuahuas. I think someone's ready for a baby...

I am contemplating making pencil portraits for extra money....if there's anything I feel confident about, artistically speaking, its' drawing. I've done a few in the past few years--for friends, who gave me more money than I asked for....but the fact is, I think I can legitimately ask for 300-500 dollars per portrait. Okay, self, you are now resolving, with yourself, to make a little info. card and start spreading them round your wealthy parents at school. No more excuses, time to be brave.

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