Monday, July 31, 2006


The year I was dating M., I was seriously blessed with a sweetheart of a roommate, Becky. Could she have been more laid-back? More non-intrusive? Sweeter? I think not, and I am still so thankful for such a gracious roomie that year.

Since then, we've both married....and Becky and Andrew are leaving for Thailand in September with Mission to the World.....both have lived in Asia before and that part of the world is dear to each of them.

So--- check out Becky's blog to read about their experiences overseas.

Oh, wow! We have MTW friends in Thailand! We went through cross-cultural training with them, and still get the occasional e-mail. . .
wow! MTW is a small world, I'm thinking. I think B. and A. will be living outside of Bangkok. Maybe they're on the same team as your friends---isn't there just one MTW team in Thailand?
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